Do you need a blog to start affiliate marketing?

After years of researching and testing we finally have come to this conclusion on if you need a blog to start affiliate marketing in 2023.

In recent study, we found out that you do not need a blog to start affiliate marketing. But around 65% of affiliate marketers generate traffic through blogging. Is blogging a good marketing strategy for affiliate offers? Yes and there are alternative ways on how to start affiliate marketing without using a blog, but blogging is the best way to start as a beginner. Different types of blog niches offer various types of affiliate programs that you can promote.

Once you gain the proper knowledge you need to have. You will need to learn how to increase the website traffic to your blog or website. This will help you get those affiliate links to the right people so they can click on. You have to know that you will either be paying for your traffic or putting in a lot of hours in forms, Facebook groups and social media marketing. That is why we encourage our readers to start blogging for affiliate marketing. 

How do I start affiliate marketing as a beginner?

First, you must join affiliate programs to share your affiliate links to make commissions. I recommend that you start with an affiliate network like click bank. This is where all beginners start. You will be able to promote everything from health products to cooking and food, games, sports and software just to name a few. You can earn affiliate commissions through different products that will allow you to earn with CPA or Revenue Sharing. 

Pick a platform that you want to use for your primary traffic source. Whether that be from a paid method, free method or blogging. Once you have your chosen platform, you will need to get the traffic onto those links.

If you are using paid methods, you must set up your Ads for success. Then you will cut the check to that social media platform to gain traffic. 

When using free methods, you will have to go into Facebook groups or forms and comment and answer questions that people ask in those groups related to your product or services. 

What you will need to start affiliate marketing

  • Basic Understanding
  • Join Affiliate Network
  • Pick Your Platform 
  • Drop your affiliate links to share.
  • Research Tools

Lastly, with blogging you will have to be skilled at SEO and answering questions people ask on google. This will allow you to gain tons of traffic. 

Most impotently, start. You will learn more about marketing when you build a blog for your affiliate offers. Make sure to pick out a niche for your blog that you are somewhat passionate about. This will help you with your content writing so you won’t get burned out and quit.

Which type of blog is best for affiliate marketing?

There are all types of blogs that you can create for affiliate marketing. But some niches are too small to have tons of affiliate programs to join and promote, unlike larger niches with tons of different affiliate programs and products to promote. The good thing about blogging is that affiliate marketing doesn’t have to be your only source of passive income. You can easily make money through ads as well as email marketing. So no matter which type of blog you decide to make, you can monetize it with affiliate marketing or other methods.

Is a blog good for affiliate marketing?

A blog should be in your marketing portfolio because it’s very much passive. Blogging is great for affiliate marketing with many great ways to promote your affiliate links. Monetizing your blog with the excellent affiliate services you choose will best help your readers. Affiliate marketing helps your blog bring income in and help your readers. Blogging with affiliate marketing allows you to earn for a more extended period compared to other methods besides blogging and YouTube. We say this because people will always search for problems or things they need help with. Choose evergreen topics to write and talk about and introduce them to your affiliate service that will help fix their needs and problems.

Here are some reasons why blogging is good for affiliate marketing.

Promote with your email list.

Promote with blog posts.

Promote with Ads. 

Promote With More Control And Less Restrictions Then Other Platforms To Promote.

How do I start affiliate marketing without a blog?

You can start affiliate marketing without a blog and with no money! You can use different social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok. Build out theme pages around your niche to sell your affiliate products or services. This is very successful with Instagram with beginners when building up your engagement on your Instagram page. You can also get into forums and Facebook groups to promote your affiliate products. Always read guidelines when joining groups on the internet.

List of great ways you can start affiliate marketing without a blog. 

  • Create Videos For Youtube
  • Social Media Marketing 
  • PPC
  • Paid Ads
  • Email
  • Facebook Groups 
  • Influencer Marketing 
  • Word Of Mouth 
  • Forms 
  • AI
  • Infographics
  • Providing Value By Giving Out A Free Resources

These are great examples for using your affiliate links without starting a blog. These methods are great to make a lot of money with. 

Do you need a blog to start affiliate marketing?

Is affiliate marketing hard to learn?

Affiliate marketing may be hard for those just starting their journey. But I assure you that once you build out your digital marketing skills. Over time it will become less demanding and more passive. Day by day you will learn something new when you apply yourself with YouTube videos, blogs and courses. You differently do not need a blog for affiliate marketing. There are easier ways and that may be more expensive as well. It all should start by learning what platform your dream customers congrats on. Then build out a campaign that best suits your need. 


Here’s what you should think about if you need a blog to start affiliate marketing. You should always be looking to grow your business long-term. If you want to create a brand, you should use a blog to start affiliate marketing because its a passive source of income and you will be providing expertise to your readers and visitors. Blogging can take a lot of time and effort and a lot of people don’t want to waste their time with dealing it. Finally, you must learn SEO skills to help your overall blog. Whether you’re just starting or already ten years into your business its never to late to a blog for your brand.

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