Is blogging a good marketing strategy?: 8 Great Tips

Stop me if you have heard this before!! “Is blogging a good marketing strategy?” 

Yes, blogging is a great strategy to use to grow your marketing campaigns and business. Some may call it an understatement. However, once you get into blogging, it can help you get high quality leads and page views for your online business or website. Blogging is a good marketing strategy if you are in need of a low cost and low risk campaign to grow your website or online business. Unlike paid traffic, this is an opportunity. Not having to pay for your traffic when you incorporate blogging into your marketing strategy.

Here are eight facts you may have yet to learn when asking if blogging is a good marketing strategy.

  1. Collect Emails
  2. Monetize Your Blog With Ads, Affiliate Offers
  3. Blogging increases invisibility 
  4. Brand Awareness
  5. Builds Authority 
  6. Low Cost And Set Up
  7. Passive Income
  8. Conduct surveys 

When is blogging a good marketing strategy? 

Blogging becomes a good marketing strategy when building your brand or online business for more exposure by getting people aware. No matter If you’re deep in your journey or even just a beginner, there’s never a wrong time to start. A good marketing strategy will allow you to stay in business when others are not. Help answer questions and give advice on your blog site for your dream customer; the rewards are endless. 

Why blogging is a good marketing strategy?

Blogging is a good marketing strategy because many brands choose not to take advantage of building a blog. Blogging is a good marketing strategy for beating out your competition, if they do not have a blog. Blogging is also a good marketing strategy if you are starting out in digital marketing. It will test your skills and set you up for success. 

There are tons of opportunities to generate income from your blog. Not only just that but the visibility your brand will get from it. Just imagine not having it and always paying for paid ads to get leads. You have to put a lot of effort into your blog, but the payoff is worth it. Blogging is a good marketing strategy because you can manage a lot on your blog to monetize it! Like collecting emails, putting ads on your blog site and with affiliate offers just to name a few. Most digital marketers leavage blogging or YouTube vlogs by creating videos as part of a blog. When done right you will have tons of visitors every month.

How effective is blogging for marketing?

Blogging is highly effective once you have learned the right skills and knowledged you need to know to be successful. Once you have established your blog site, Your blog will be an asset for your business that can bring over 10K a month when done right to your business alone without handling products or customer service. A blog is Passive once you set it up. You have little maintence to do besides writing articles and creating good content. It can be as simple as writing a post on your blog so that you can rank in google. Once you rank you will have page views with reasonable amounts of traffic when competing for the right keywords. That will allow that traffic to come to your post for an extended period of time. Blogging is an effective marketing strategy to grow overall and maintain your business or brand traffic and income on the web.

What is blogging advantages and disadvantages?

When starting out blogging, you will be faced with a lot of advantages and disadvantages. For example, learning how do i make a good marketing blog, you will have to overcome the fact that you will be writing a lot of content for your blog. On the other hand, once you increase your blogger traffic, you will be rewarded for turning your visitors into leads and customers. The reward of the advantages is bigger than the disadvantages.

Advantages Of Blogging

  • Easy to Maintain
  • Can Turn A Blogg Post Into A Youtube Video
  • Long Term Results 
  • Build Trust 
  • Builds Traffic For Your Web Page.

Disadvantages Of Blogging 

  • Lots Of Writing Content
  • Long Time Until You See Results 
  • You Can Waste A lot Of Time If Your Not Doing It Wrong
  • Long Nights And Early Mornings 
  • Have To Find Your Voice

By all means you will have to put a ton of work into whatever you do to be successful in life. This is no different, It would be best if you didn’t look at it as a get-rich-quick scheme. Instead, apply the skills you will learn and take your digital marketing skills to the next level to overcome the disadvantages of blogging.

What are the benefits of blogging?

Once you plant a seed over time it will grow with long deep roots and bear the fruit of your hard labor. The benefits of blogging are endless! For starters, once you set up your blog using blue host or other hosting platforms, you can start creating and uploading content that same day on wordpress. You don’t have to wait and spend much money to start. low cost, easy to maintain and a free traffic source. Blogging most significant benefit is that it is a passive income source. Once it is established and you have built up some authority. You can connect your blog to your website where you can sell things you are passionate about or for your business. Blogging is a great benefit in itself as being an asset for your company. 


I think blogging is a good marketing strategy to use. If it makes sense to use in your brand and business, then jump on it. If you are starting out and building a business around blogging, it will also change your life. Blog about something like your passion or your hobbies so you won’t run out of ideas to write. Blogging is a marketing strategy to help bring awareness to your brand. It is also a great marketing strategy to generate free leads and traffic to your blog and website. So go ahead and give it a try to see if it’s fit for you or not.

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