How do I make a good marketing blog? Beginner steps

You finally found it! On how do I make a good marketing blog! These steps will be your guideline for building out a good marketing blog. For you to properly build out a marketing blog, there are steps and phases that you will have to go through to achieve this. First, you will have to come up with a plan to make a good marketing blog. 

  • Picking Your Niche
  • Getting Your Domain Name That Relates To Your Niche
  • Setup Your Hosting Through A Reliable Host Like Blue host
  • Input a Simple & Easy Theme Design On Your Blog For SEO Reasons 
  • Make Response Post On Blog To Answer Peoples Most Common Questions 
  • Post Well Written SEO Blog Post Onto Your Blog Site 

The above list gives you details on how to get started on how to start making a good marketing blog. Once you get started, you must learn skills like SEO and creating creative content. Digital marketers use blogging to make passive income while developing their marketing skills.

All of these steps can be done by a beginner. Easy enough that you won’t spend days trying to start and get your blog going. All this can be started within a few hours of setting up all your blog information and making it go live. 

How do I start a digital marketing blog?

Starting a digital marketing blog, your end goal should be to make money or sell it for top dollar later on in your blog journey. To do that you have to have a plan to take action. A marketing blog should not be too sales instead, you should give your readers good quality information to build trust. This is not a get rich quick scheme. This process to start to finish is a long term commitment. Give your marketing blog some time if you are still waiting to see results quickly.  

Once you start a digital marketing blog you will see how much work you will have to put into it. You will have to create lots of content in the beginning. But afterward your blog will be on autopilot. You won’t have to put much work after you build out your blog post over time. 

Once your blog is set up. You’re ready to post content. You should know about SEO and how to optimize your blog post. Next you should figure out how to start interlinking your content together and get backlinks to your webpage. This is how you make a good marketing blog. Starting a digital marketing blog, you must do keyword research to rank for your keywords with low competition. 

How do I make a good marketing blog?

How do I link to another website with cross linking?

You can link with other blog sites by via guest post and ask for a backlink to an article back to your blog. This process can be done by emailing the website owner and asking for a guest blog post. This will allow you to write an article about your brand or business with a link pointing back to your page.

Finding sites to link to yours

  1. Ask Family And Friends 
  2. Ask Employees
  3. Mention Your Blog In Discussion Groups 
  4. Advertise 
  5. Use A Service 
  6. Ask To Be A Featured Client 
  7. Reach Out To Companies You Do Business With
  8. Reach Out To Manufacturer’s Sites
  9. Find Websites Linking To Your Competition
  10. Offline Press Release 

Google does not like it if you buy links for your website. This could do far more damage to your site once they catch on. On the other hand, backlinks to another website with pointing back to your site. Let’s google know that your site is of high quality. This also tells google that your site is of authority. All of this help to improve your blog to a good marketing blog.

It would be best to always try to link build and have a strategy to do so. You need to network with others to get free backlinks. You can create original content that is very in depth and that answers all the questions your customers and readers are asking. They will find the content helpful and share it with friends and family members. You can grow links like that or ask family and friends to share it. That’s a great way to make a good marketing blog and build credibility fast. You should watch out to who you link to! Do not link to any low-quality websites. The bigger the website you get a backlink from the better! 

Benefits of Link Building 

  • Better SEO Ranking
  • Get More Traffic
  • Build Authority
  • Back Links Last A Long Time
  • Relevance
  • Crebitity 

Do you need to be good at writing for marketing?

When trying to make a good marketing blog, you don’t have to be the best writer starting. It’s okay if you’re a beginner and writing is not your stronghold. You should pick a nitch that you love and enjoy talking about! This will help you out a lot in the long run! You will be writing a lot at first. You have to have the motivation to keep writing and not give up. I believe that is why many bloggers do not make it long enough to see their hard work pay off. 

As time progress you will get better and more creative with writing your content. Once you are at a good point where you are making money from your blog, hire a writer to help you write content. This will allow you to move on and work on your next project. Places like Fiver and Upwork are great places to look for writers and editors to help you along the way. You can find writers here that will fit any budget. The higher the price for an article the better quality content you will get.

Here are seven great benefits for hiring a writer for your blog

  • Hiring a writer is not that expensive 
  • Free up your time
  • Outsider perspective
  • Expertise
  • Professional Writers hit deadlines
  • Scale your content
  • Budget-friendly  

Blogging is a skill that involves a lot of content being written. That being said you will write a lot of blog posts to be able to rank to bring success to you blog. However, do not let yourself from not being a good writer hold you back from building a good marketing blog.

Is blogging still popular in 2023?

Blogging is still very much popular in 2023. There are more than 65,000 search queries and about 6.6 billion daily searches. 

This means that your blog has the chance to an endless amount of traffic once your blog starts answering your customer’s needs. With those numbers, you can never have enough blogs to reach that much traffic. How many times a day do you ask google a question? You find the answer your looking for in a blog post. With that being said blogging is here to stay.

Blogging may not be popular for those who do not won’t to put the work in by putting those long hours into Blogging. Blogging is hard work and dedication. You plant your seed and water it over time knowing it will bear fruit. The same goes for your blog.

Here are some essential data points For Blogging 

  • 75% of all internet users read Bloggs when asking questions.
  • Adding a blog to your existing website can boost traffic by over 500%
  • There are more than 40 million active bloggers live in the U.S
  • About 8 Million blog post are created a day
  • Blogging is a vital content marketing strategy for 54% of marketers

These few data points should help you with making a good decision if blogging will be around in the next 10 or 20 years from now.

How do you write a perfect blog?

You should create a blog and write content around things you are passionate about or your brand and affiliates. Your passion for it will help you push through and write good content. The more you know about a topic the better your blog post will be. Research your competitors and see how they are structuring their content and blog. It gives you a visual of what is working and what is not. 

Step One: Pick A Topic For Your Blog Post

Step Two: Conduct Research On Long Tail Keywords To Use

Step Three: Write Eye-Catching Headlines

Step Four: Add Images To Your Post

Step Five: Make Sure The Topic Is Answered 

Step Six: Get Backlinks Pointing To Your Blog Post

Step Seven: Post!!

Writing perfect content takes time with mistakes you must go through and learn from. Your blog post will help you grow and your blog with the amount of traffic that it will bring in over time. That will allow you to make money with the page views that will flow to each blog post on your site. So pick a good topic, conduct proper research, write catchy headline titles, add images, ensure that you cover the issue you are writing about, and get those backlinks and finally post!

Bonus: How do I make a good blog even better?

Use videos and images in your blog post. Provide content on your site that search engines and users like. You will get listed in more search engines with videos if you upload to YouTube. More important because google wants to insert videos into search results. Remember that google owns YouTube so they play favorites. Watermark your videos and pictures so that everyone will know your brand. Include Call to action links to your website. 

Images are just as important just like videos. People love to see pictures and not just text. 

Here is how you can help search engines show your images in response to your target keyword, put your target keyword in

  • Name of the image file 
  • A photo caption
  • Text around the image 
  • The image tags alt 
  • H tag heading close to the image 

Email marketing will make a good blog even better! Lead magnets are significant. This will be your bait to capture emails and make a lot of money on the back end. Why is email marketing so important? When you collect emails, they are not cold prospects. They will be interested in whatever information you have and want more. This will allow you to have warm traffic and monetize your email list. Send out newsletters to keep your traffic ready and warm.

 Here are some great ways you can try to start collecting emails 

  • Ebook
  • Discounts
  • Free course 
  • Free shipping 
  • Surveys 
How do I make a good marketing blog?


Now that you know how I make a good marketing blog. You should start building your blog using the marketing methods we have reviewed. Those methods are beginner friendly and should give maximum results depending on your efforts. Blogging is hard work and you should not let that stop you from making your next 10k plus per month from your blog.

You now know how to start a digital marketing blog and optimize it for success. You have the ten steps to go out in find links to link to your blog site. That will make it ten times easier to find blogs to link to.

Find love in your niche. Writing should make you feel more enjoyable, knowing your writing about topics you know about.

Blogging will be here to stay so do not worry if you think that its to late to start. Instead, start today, set your goals and build out your marketing blog.

Knowing all of this you know how to write a good blog.  

Now use this information to help turn your blog into a great marketing blog and asset. Have fun with it this, it should not feel like a job. You should be somewhat enjoying the journey to making a good blog and making money online.

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