Sales funnel for beginners 2024 updated guide

Here is the information you need, steps to take and where every sales funnels for beginners should start. Then in this article, learn the inside scoop on how to start making sales funnels today! 

Sales funnels also known as landing pages is a pages besides your website. Where you give out valuable content or a deep discount for potential customers/lead information. This allows you to follow up with them over time and build your email list. Many brands and companies use sales funnels to get you on their email list. They know they will build that relationship over time to the point where you become a returning customer. A sales funnels design is straightforward with little to no distractions with easy-to-read CTAs. This is the simplest way to explain the design of how a sales funnel looks and how it should be structured. 

Sales funnel for beginners Tips!

  • Funnel Hack
  • Upsells & Downsells Are Key
  • Simpler The Better 
  • 3-4 Forms Inquire Work Best 
  • Build Trust
  • Read Books

As a beginner with sales funnels you should always learn how to improve your skills. If I were just starting I would be watching reviews and how to videos on YouTube, researching via blogs like this one and reading books to gain more knowledge. There are tons of free resources out there for your use. Start applying your knowledge with sales funnels and become a pro quickly.

How do you start a sales funnel for beginners?

For starters, you will need to research what sales funnels software will work best for your budget. Popular sales funnels building software like Click Funnels, Leadpages and Get Responds are easy and straightforward to use with a drag and drop concepts. Sign up for free with your 14 day free trial for click funnels. This is perfect for starting sales funnels for beginners.

After setting up your account, you should pick how you want to set up your sales funnel/Landing page. Will it be a gated offer? Will it be a webinar or how about a high ticket sales offer? You will have to answer these questions because there are tons of different sales funnels to choose from. Building out your sales funnels makes it easy and simple with little to no distractions.

Learn how to build great offers and copy for your offers like ebooks, PDFs, a one-time discount, survey or any other type of lead magnet to attract your dream customers. Make your copy and CTAs simple and straight to the point.  

Once you finish, you must choose where you will get your traffic from like PPC, blogs or any social media platform. Then, promote in a non-spammy way to gain authority and high quality leads.

This is how I would start a sales funnels if I were a beginner. While I continue to devote my skills over time by funnel hacking the competition, reading and learning from the greats in the industry.

What does funnel mean in marketing?

Funnels in marketing mean getting your dream prospects into a sales funnel, which has three main sections at the top and coming out the funnel at the bottom as a paid customer. The top of the funnel (TOFU) is getting prospects attention which is the awareness section in the middle (MOFU) of the funnel is the consideration and of course, the bottom of the funnel is for conversion (BOFU). This is the simplest meaning of a sales funnel for beginners in marketing.

Top Of Funnel (TOFU): Awareness 

Middle Of Funnel (MOFU): Consideration

Bottom Of Funnel (BOFU): Conversion

How can I learn sales funnel?

You can learn about sales funnels with many different ways to choose from. First, you can learn about sales funnels by researching with YouTube videos. When you first start to look into sales funnels you should get a visual of what you will be dealing with. Search how to and reviews videos. These videos on sales funnels will help you get a better understanding quicker than reading books. On the other hand, reading books will give you more in-depth information than most videos on YouTube. Reading books will provide you with much more nuggets to take to use because this is useably the source of information 

The best digital marketing books for beginners to read for sales funnels are the click funnels series books by Russell Brunson. There are also great books like digital marketing for dummies and other great reads when you research here on the internet.  

What is the best free funnel?

You can try click funnels with a 14 day free trial.this will give you all access to all features in click funnels. The is the best free way to build funnels hands on. However, I recommend not using a free funnel building software because it is not premium and can not give you the best value that the market has to offer. 

Do you need a website for a funnel?

You do not need a website for a funnels but having a website will, of course lead to more growth opportunities for your brand. Funnels are great when you are starting to promote a new product or service or even to give out discounts for your websites. Combine using funnels with your website to see growth in sales and awareness. A funnel alone can do much like hosting a webinar and building your email list. One disadvantage of building out an email list with only your funnel and not your website is that in most cases you have to use paid ads to bring in new leads. With a website you can have free traffic through good SEO practices. Most importently, you can market your funnels for free on platforms like forms, Tik Tok, Facebook groups and Pinterest. 

Sales funnel for beginners

Are landing pages and funnels the same?

Landing pages, squeeze pages and sales funnels are the same things. A landing page is another word used in marketing to describe a sales funnel. No matter what you call a sales funnel, landing page and squeeze page’s end goals are the same. Every marketer will at one point build a landing page for their brand and website.

Why Are Sales Funnels Important?

Sales funnels are important on many levels! For starters sales funnels is a great way to help you turn new customers into leads. Sales funnels allow your brand to continue growth with all the capably of you giving out good quality information or discounts in exchange for an email, phone number, name or address. This gives you the correct information to use for your brand for future marketing campaigns.  

Sales funnels are a great source of income as well. Without needing a website you can earn through upsets and down sells with your products or services. This is important because of the simple fact that a sales funnel can be a stand alone income source for your brand.

Top 5 reasons why sales funnels are important 

  • Growth
  • Exposure
  • Getting Data
  • Extra Source Of Income
  • Competitive Edge

Who uses sales funnels?

Sales funnels are used by marketers, brand owners and anyone who is looking to grow their business online. You can use sales funnels with your online store and if you have a brick in most store. You don’t have to be an expert to use sales funnels. Sales funnels are used for beginners to experts and top brand owners in every industry that you could think of. Sales funnels for beginners can seem like rocket science, but when you learn how to use sales funnels correctly, you will gain a lifelong skill and learn how to generate a passive income stream. 

How does funnels make money?

There are serval ways in how funnels building can make you money. Have you ever wondered how exactly you can cash with funnels building skills? For starters, once you build your email list you can use email marketing as a source of income. You can also make money with funnels by selling your product or service. Another great way is to use upsells and down-sell with your product and services. This will boost your AOV.

 Once you build out sales funnels, you can sell your services to people in need on marketplaces like fivver. You can also sell prebuilt funnels that convert. If you are not too good at building funnels other option you can try is becoming an affiliate. Join and become an affiliate with great sales funnels software companies. click funnels have a great affiliate program for digital marketers with many great incentives.  

Tips For Creating Your First Sales Funnels 

  1. Keep it simple

Keep your landing pages simple and easy to read with little to no distractions 

2. Clear CTA’s

Make Yours Headlines Make Your Readers Take Action 

3. Make irresistible offers 

Make offers that will give value to your customer that they can’t pass up, like a deep discount, ebook or PDF.

4. Create Urgency 

Make your leads know this is a limited-time offer to give them that extra push to buy. 

5. Upeslls and downhill, Order Bumps

Create opportunity’s to maximize your profits with upsells and down sells. 

6. Drive High-Quality Leads 

Market to the right customer on the right social platforms 

How do I generate leads? 

Sales funnel for beginners

When you build your funnels, its time to find hot leads willing to give you their information and payment. It would help if you found out where your dream customers are hanging out at. This is important in getting high-quality leads to your funnels and the same goes for how to increase the website traffic to your blog or website. 

Their are two main types of traffic that you have to choose from or even use both further down the road. Free and Paid traffic are both significant in their own ways for high-quality leads. Depending on your niche you can determine what traffic source to use and how to start your campaigns. Free traffic sources can be taped into by building out blogs/websites with excellent SEO practices to bring in free traffic. That free traffic will come and see your pop up’s and land on your landing page. Another free method is to use forms and groups to promote and get the traffic. You can also use your social media to promote. Paid traffic can be PPC all the way to paid ads from social media giants like Facebook, Instagram,Tik Tok and Pinterest. Learning paid ads takes time, trial and error. 

How do I become a sales funnel expert?

To become a sales funnels expert you should study and then take action. First, start with your basic research on blogs and YouTube. Then, dig deeper by reading sales funnels books like Dotcom Secrets, Expert Secrets and Traffic Secrets. These books give you a competitive edge because you will learn from click funnels owner Russell Brunson. Then, gain as much knowledge you need to take action. You will become an expert at your craft over time by taking action. Funnels hack your competition to see what is working in your industry. Test out different vents of your funnels for the best success. Becoming a sales funnels expert won’t happen overnight. But good thing is that it will pay off with tons of rewards from your hard work in building out your sales funnels. You have already started your sales funnel journey by reading this article. So go ahead and build out your funnels.

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