Why Am I Losing Followers On Instagram? Top Reasons & Solutions

Losing followers on Instagram can be a frustrating and puzzling experience, especially when you need clarification on why it’s happening. If you’re asking, “Why am I losing Instagram followers?” you’re not alone. Many users experience this common problem, usually due to a few key factors like low-quality content, spammy behavior, or algorithm changes.

In this article, we’ll explore the main reasons behind losing Instagram followers and provide you with insights on how to stop this downward trend. We will also discuss strategies to grow your following in 2024 effectively. By understanding the factors at play, you can optimize your approach and turn your Instagram account into a thriving, engaged community.

Why Do I Keep Losing Instagram Followers?

Ever wondered, why am I losing followers on Instagram? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. There are several reasons behind it, but understanding these factors can help clear up the situation and improve your growth. Let’s dive in and go through them!

1. Fake accounts, low-quality followers and follow-for-follow schemes: If you’ve ever bought followers or created a low-quality follow-for-follow campaign, chances are you’ll experience a higher unfollow rate. Why? These followers tend to be low-quality, and their engagement rates are far below average, which leads to others unfollowing them as well.

2. Poor or inconsistent posting schedule: Posting too much, too little, or at the wrong times can hurt your follower count. If your content isn’t consistently visible to your audience, the relevance of your page might decline, causing people to unfollow.

  • Too much: overposting can be overwhelming and annoying
  • Too little: less visibility, less relevance, less engagement
  • Wrong times: posting outside of your audience’s peak hours reduces the chances of being seen

3. Misusing hashtags: Using irrelevant, banned, or overused hashtags might make your content appear spammy and uninteresting. This could lead your followers to click that dreaded unfollow button.

4. Changing niche, style, or tone: If you’ve decided to change your content direction, make sure to do it gradually. Sudden changes can confuse or alienate your existing and new followers too, which might lead them to unfollow you.

5. Low-quality content: Posting subpar, dull, or repetitive content won’t bring value or entertainment to your audience. Over time, people might choose to unfollow if your content is not up to their standards.

6. Ignoring or upsetting followers: Being unresponsive to comments, messages, or mentions may hurt your follower count. Responding rudely or posting controversial content could also lead to a mass exodus of followers.

7. Instagram glitches & purges: Sometimes, Instagram removes inactive or bot accounts from their platform, which could be why you lose followers, even if your content is high-quality. Don’t panic – it’s just a platform adjustment!

So, what can you do? Start by analyzing your content and engagement to pinpoint potential issues. Keep an open dialogue with your audience and adapt your own post and posting strategy to match their expectations. And most importantly, remember to stay true to your personal brand and unique voice. Keep it up, and watch your follower count rise once again!

How to Stop Losing Instagram Followers?

Are you tired of seeing your Instagram follower count drop? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Follow these tips to stop losing followers and boost engagement on your account.

  1. Focus on organic growth: Buying followers or using shady tactics is tempting, but this can backfire. You want genuine followers who are interested in your content. Stick to legitimate methods and grow your account the right way.
  2. Analyze your audience and competitors: Understand your target audience’s interests and the posting behavior of successful accounts in your niche. This will help you optimize your posting schedule and content strategy.
  3. Hashtags are your friends: Use relevant, specific, and diverse hashtags to reach your target audience. Experiment with different combinations to find what works best for you.
  4. Consistency is key: Maintain a consistent posting schedule and stay true to your brand identity. Keep your bio up-to-date and ensure your value proposition comes across clearly.
  5. Content quality matters: Share high-quality, engaging, and varied content that showcases your personality and expertise. Focus on solving problems or providing value to your audience.
  6. Engage with your followers: Respond to comments, messages, and mentions. Actively like, comment, and share your followers’ posts to show you care about their content too.
  7. Monitor your performance: Monitor your analytics and adjust your strategy as needed. Stay current with Instagram trends and features to stay ahead of the competition.
  8. Learn from the best: Observe successful competitors in your niche and emulate their strategies. But remember, don’t copy – be inspired and adapt their ideas to suit your unique brand.

By incorporating these tips into your Instagram strategy, you’re well on your way to retaining followers and improving user engagement. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to make your Instagram account shine!

How Do I Grow My Instagram Following In 2024?

Losing Followers On Instagram

So you want to grow your Instagram following, don’t you? It’s 2024, and the competition is fierce. Fear not; there are proven and effective ways to attract and gain more followers and grow your account. Let’s dive into some of these methods.

Collaborations and Networking: Find other influencers and brands in your niche, and cross-promote each other’s content and other accounts together. This diversifies your content and exposes your profile to a broader audience.

Instagram Stories, Reels, and Live: Utilize these features to showcase behind-the-scenes glimpses, tips, tutorials, and Q&A sessions. These interactive elements increase your reach and engagement.

Contests, Giveaways, and Challenges: Encourage your followers to tag their friends, share your posts, and use your branded hashtags by organizing contests and giveaways. It helps drive engagement and attract more followers.

User-Generated Content: Invite your followers to create and submit content related to your brand, and feature them on your account. It’s a great way to build trust within your community and encourage interaction.

Leverage Other Social Media Platforms: Drive traffic and awareness to your Instagram account by sharing your content on other channels. Offer exclusive content and incentives for users who follow you on Instagram.

Experiment with Content and Formats: Keep your followers interested by trying out different types of posts, such as carousels, videos, or infographics. Test what works best for your audience and goals.

High-Quality Follow-for-Follow Campaign: Consider running a genuine follow-for-follow campaign that adheres to Instagram’s policies and isn’t spammy.

Engagement Groups: Join these groups to increase your brand’s exposure encourages followers. It’s beneficial for new accounts looking for an initial boost in followers.

To go above and beyond with these strategies, there’s a comprehensive guide that’ll teach you 15 steps on how to blow up on Instagram.

Remember, growing your Instagram following takes time, patience, and effort. By following these tips and staying consistent with your posting schedule, you’re well on your way to enjoying sustainable growth on the platform. 


In this article, you learned various reasons behind losing Instagram followers and how to rectify them. To keep your follower count growing, focus on posting content and fostering a genuine relationship with your audience by adopting a quality-over-quantity strategy. High-quality content will naturally attract more organic followers who will engage with your posts.

It’s essential to have a well-thought-out strategy to maintain sustainable growth of genuine followers. Interact with them regularly and ensure you’re always aware of their preferences and interests. These best practices will ensure that your Instagram and social media presence continually thrives.

Remember, the key to Instagram success is to create content that resonates with your target audience and keeps them engaged. So, always prioritize the quality of your content over the quantity.

Now it’s your turn to share your thoughts. Do you have any questions or experiences related to Instagram growth? Feel free to share them in the comments or follow my Instagram account for more tips and Instagram posts. Thank you for your time and attention.

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