15 Steps On How To Blow Up On Instagram 

Are you trying to figure out how to blow up on Instagram in 2024? Well you finally found it and it’s way easier than you may think with these 15 new and evergreen ways to blow on Instagram. Creating an Instagram account to go viral or with the intent to bring in a consistent following will take some time for quality work and results. I will give you 15 evergreen methods that you can try today. 

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15 Steps To Take On How To Blow Up On Instagram

  • 1. Post constantly – Post regularly on Instagram. This is the first rule of them all! Content is king and it will always be that way. Post the highlights of your brand and your talents. You don’t even have to show your face if you are not comfortable. Create branded content with the help of Canva that you can use for your stories and other post with your brand updates. You can also use services like Fiverr to help you design custom professional Instagram posts, Reels and story content for any niche you are in. Post up to 2-4 posts a day with a consistent theme of your niche. 

  • 2. Engagement groups – Engagement groups are only for some but the pros and cons of joining engagement groups can determine wheatear or not engagement groups will be the best fit for your goals. Engagement groups allow you to grow by participating in three set schedule groups mentions, likes, and comments. These groups will enable you to join rounds to help out by engaging with each others account to help build some authority to your Instagram account. I recommend you do this if you have at least 100 followers or revamping an old Instagram account. 

  • 3. The Follow Unfollow Instagram method – The follow unfollow Instagram method is a method where you gain a decent amount of followers in a short period. By liking and commenting under accounts that are following your competition. There is a science to this method to have a high success rate. This is a great way to gain a lot of followers fast! But it also has its downsides like going against Instagram policies and spending a lot of time applying this method on the platform. You can also outsource this tedious task to services on Fiverr if you want to scale aggressively.  

  • 4. Utilizing Hashtags – Hashtags are still a relevant thing to implement. Hashtags are a way where users can find you or your brand. You can find yourself on the explore page when your post starts to grow with the hashtags that are attached to your post. Every hashtag is different in how competitive it is. Research each hashtag you use and develop a list to use on posts that you can rank for the top page for that hashtag. 

  • 5. Paid Shout-outs – Paid shout-outs are the best way to blow up on Instagram quickly. This method is as simple as asking influencers or a big Instagram theme page for a paid shout-out. Make sure you have a big enough budget to negotiate with. A paid shout-out in front of a large audience. In a similar niche or an influencer to give you a shout-out for social proof. With the right call to action, this can be an excellent investment for your Instagram account and your brand’s growth. 

  • 6. Reels – Reels are Instagram Tik-Toks I believe that reels are the best way how to blow up on Instagram by reaching a lot of accounts with short video content. Keep them engaged with something that inspires, educates or entrains. This will keep your likes going through the roof and other accounts engaging with your account. If you don’t have a lot of ideas to post for reels. You can always outsource the editing and production of your content to scale. Sites like Fiverr are an affordable means for anyone to start. You can also create the content on your own to go viral.  

  • 7. Network with influencers – Follow influencers in your niche and keep engaging with their content whenever they post. Build that relationship over time. This can lead to a partnership down the road. The intent of making these connections will allow you to ask for a favor. To collaborate on an upcoming post together that will benefit both parties. This is the best way without involving any money.

  • 8. Answer Comments – When real accounts comment under your posts and respond to your stories reply. This is how Instagram will know that you engage back with your followers and show you more to a bigger audience. Leave comments under big posts. Write a thoughtful comment under that post about your knowledge on that subject.  

  • 9. Share through other social channels – Share your Instagram link on different social platforms. Facebook, TikTok, Threads, or whatever other platforms that you have a good amount of followers on. Social media is a powerful way to bring you and your brand awareness. Show content or information that’s only exclusive on Instagram. You can also have a call to action to let people know where they should go to get the latest updates. Creating a bio with all your social media links attached when possible would be best.  

  • 10. Check your analytics – By checking your analytics on Instagram, you will see an in-depth view of how all other accounts engage with yours. Learn what content is performing better than others. Then continue to make great content to get even better results. These analytics will come in handy when the time comes to start running paid ads on the platform to blow your Instagram up even more. 
  • 11. Create thoughtful content – Creating high-quality content is essential! The pros of creating high-quality content is that it helps build authority in your niche. You will provide others with value and information that will help make their problems easier. Don’t worry about how quickly you can produce content. Just focus on making your content as helpful as possible. The best way to create more content at scale is to outsource it through great platforms like Fiverr.   

  • 12. Hire a social media manager – Hire a social media manager to automate all of your process’s of growing your Instagram account. Hiring a social media manager will allow you to focus on other tasks. 

  • 13. Buy followers – We don’t recommend buying followers, but it will be a good idea in some cases. This is also against Instagram policies and terms. However, buying followers will make you appear to have a lot of followers and engagement. This is a way to blow up quickly on Instagram. If you buy followers don’t use it for your business or personal profile instead, use it on a theme page to impress family and friends. 

  • 14. Paid ads – Paid ads are the best way to get your best performing content in front of a lot more accounts. When creating high-quality content, look into your analytics and see what content has the best potential to work well with paid ads. Gather your data, then run an ad with a call to action or boost your post to get more likes. 

  • 15. Getting verified on Instagram – Getting verified on Instagram will give you benefits that regular accounts can’t do like building trust and credibility. A verified Instagram account helps protect you against impersonators who will try to be you to scam people. Verified accounts are more likely to appear on the top of the search results. This will help you with improved engagement for your account. 

These 15 ways to blow up on Instagram are evergreen methods and can be used for any page theme brand or company. Pick and choose the right steps that will best fit your needs for your growth and success. 

My Conclusion On How To Blow Up On Instagram 

How to blow up on Instagram is more than just trying to get lucky and go viral. It takes some planning and some strategy. No matter if you’re starting or a seasoned influencer. Theses core evergreen methods will help you further grow your Instagram account. Learn how to optimize your content, hashtags and analytics for continuous success. Growing your following will take some time when you have to build quality content. Don’t rush and only focus on how many you’re producing instead, focus on making helpful content. Afterward, scale your account by hiring a team to help you with the content and ads. This is how to blow up on Instagram in 2024.  

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