The pros and cons of joining Instagram engagement groups in 2024

Imagine joining engagement groups on Instagram and getting the likes, comments and mentions you need for a healthy and fast-growing Instagram page. Joining Instagram engagement groups is an excellent method for anyone looking to learn how to create an Instagram theme page, business and personal accounts for early engagement. However, there are tons of pros and cons that you should have in mind before you get started.

What’s an Instagram engagement group?

An Instagram engagement group is also known as pods. It is a community of Instagram users who collectively come together to help support each other by liking, commenting and providing mentions for everyone who has joined that particular group.

Instagram engagement group’s primary purpose is to help increase your engagement whether you are new to the platform or looking to boost aged content on old accounts. 

Types of Instagram engagement groups to engage with.

You have three different options when it’s time to join your group for your round of engagement.

  • Comments
  • Likes
  • Mentions

One of your first options will be comments. When the rounds start, you can select each account and comment under the post they have chosen. Your second option is likes, which will be simply going to each account and liking their post. And the last one is mentions, leaving a mention under a post tagging a friend. All of these groups can benefit every aspect of your goals for these groups. 

The pros and cons of joining engagement groups on Instagram


  • The quickest way to boost engagement without buying followers, likes and comments. Instagram loves to see that your account is getting quality engagement. This will help you get noticed on the Instagram platform. 
  • Engaging with the communities in each group allows you to have real accounts engaging with your content and not with any bots. Bots are bad and people will take shortcuts and risk getting banned to have quick success. 
  • Easy to use and to get started. Joining engagement groups are straight forward. You will be introduced to instructions on how the process works and when each engagement round starts.
  • Networking with others can give you opportunities to buy and sell accounts. The other great reason is to give shout-outs for free or to sell shout-outs.  


  • Limited people who join groups at a time. It can be seven people in a group all the way into the hundreds. Some groups might not have enough people in the group that you may have wanted to get more engagement.
  • You can not like everyones posts without knowing the limit of likes you can give in an hour. If you do this without checking, you risk getting banned. 
  • Time-consuming: Feeding off of con two can be time-consuming because you have to take your time and not rush.
  •  You have to like everyone’s posts in the engagement group. This can be hard if you forget the time of the engagement round.  

Are engagement groups a good idea?

Yes, engagement groups are a good idea. Engagement groups are good for helping build out authority and building up your account without using any bots. However, I would only rely on something other than engagement groups for growth. It would be best if you consistently implemented natural relevant hashtags.

Posting engaging content that your followers will engage with. You are networking with others inside of the community. If you want to use engagement groups as a service for others, this will be very helpful in increasing awareness of your client’s account. 

Over the past years, engagement groups have been giving a bed rep. Do to it not be organic engagement. But this is a great tool to use when using with responsibility.  

Should I join Instagram engagement groups?

Yes, especially if you have a brand or business page where you are trying to grow and gain authority. Don’t be afraid to join and see what is going on in these groups and how they can positively affect your Instagram page.

Using them is better than not using them as a marketer and as a social media manager. This is how we grow accounts for our clients. You will have an advantage from the start compared to people who do not join Instagram engagement groups or your competitors. 

Reason to join Instagram engagement groups in 2024

  • Competitive advantage
  • Positive Engagement 

How do I find Instagram engagement groups?

There are many different platforms and outlets to use for engagement groups. Once your find the right platform they all consists of the same concept of liking, commenting and sharing content on a timely schedule.

Here are some top ways on how to find Instagram engagement groups. 

Search on the Internet: Surf the web and top blog sites to find high-quality engagement groups to join. You will find an abundance of different groups of all kinds of niches. So you will find the perfect match that you are looking for.  

Reddit: Reddit is a power source to plug in when searching for Instagram engagement groups via threads on the platform.

Telegram: Telegram is a great way to join groups at. This is where most instagram engagement groups are hosted on. 

Facebook Groups: There are Facebook groups dedicated to helping find the best engagement groups to join. 

Search on Instagram: Research hashtags and keywords to find engagement groups. Here is an example if you were in the health niche. You would simple put #healthengagementgroups or healthbrandsengagementgroups. Research and reach out to your competition if you see a pattern in their post where it looks like they use engagement groups and ask what engagement groups they use. 

Forums: Type in google or bing forms for your niche engagement groups.  

Conclusion on the pro and cons of joining engagement groups 

When developing a social media marketing strategies for Instagram. Joining engagement groups are more important starting off if you have a brand page. With lots of competition, you have to be able to make high-quality content and make it focus number one. Use relevant up to date hashtags for more exposure and natural engagement. Theres pros and cons with any method that you will try to do. Make sure you read the guidelines for maximal success when joining engagement groups.

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