Instagram unlocked: The follow unfollow instagram method

Here’s how The follow unfollow Instagram method works. I’ve tried it, and my results will shock you. 

I’ve spent over two years helping to grow Instagram accounts for clients. Follow me as I walk you step by step to gain more followers 

There are lots of the follow unfollow Instagram method articles that lack the proper structure to achieve massive success. So we set out to fix just that and give you a guide to get started. 

Use only when starting off or if your following has decile or is not growing as you would like. 

How the Follow unfollow Instagram method works 

The follow unfollow instagram method is a simple process that works when you like, comment, and engage with a targeted Instagram user for a follow back. Then you will unfollow accounts that didn’t follow you back or all of the Instagram accounts you’ve followed. In 2023 this method of getting followers still works and is effective, if you have a game plan. The follow unfollow Instagram method is a great strategy when just starting to build out your Instagram account. 

The follow unfollow Instagram method can be used for a personal, theme and brand accounts. 

First, find your dream followers and see who they are interacting with. Then, target/Find them through keyword hashtags, underneath other competitors comments on post, and the explore page just to name a few.

Engage by finding easy accounts with which to use the follow unfollow Instagram method. You will have a greater chance of success by finding accounts with a low follower count compared to their following.

Engage with their Instagram account by liking a couple of their recent photos, commenting meaningful comments underneath their post and by giving them a follow. Of course, this should be done for only qualified accounts that you come across.

Give your efforts some time before you hit the unfollow button. Make sure to unfollow anybody who takes longer than 24 hours to follow you back, unfollow anybody who’s doesn’t follow you back at all. It’s your decision to unfollow anybody who chooses to follow you back.

Pros and cons Follow unfollow instagram method.


C. Can get shadow banned 

C. Only to use when just starting off

C. limit of times you can follow within an hour


P. Gain targeted followers 

P. Build engagement quick to new pages

P. Easy method to do 

There are some great pros and some not-so-great cons about using the follow unfollow instagram method. Starting with the cons, those cons are to be taken seriously. This method will be used to build up your account when all else fails when creating a new or existing account. You will be able to have a significant positive outcome when doing this method within the rules. Building engagement is easy to do to gain the followers that you want. 

Rules of the follow unfollow instagram method

Rule 1. Follow users who have a specific ratio of followers to following

Rule 2. Make this a one person job. Don’t Use Any Bots

Rule 3. Instagram Limit To Follow and Unfollow is 200 Per day, but warm up your account until you reach those numbers.

Rules 4. Instagram limit to liking posts is 1,000. I suggest starting off liking around 25 – 50 a day when starting off 

Rule 5. When you start to unfollow you will have a limit on how many you can unfollow. I’ve tested this and found out 100 followers per day is best. We recommend first starting with a limit to 20 per day.

Rule 6. Make Sure you are not using banned keywords/Hashtags. 

Rule 7. Commenting on each post you target should be limited to at least 100 per day. But, again, make sure these are well thought out comments.  

Penalties of the follow unfollow instagram method 

  1. Warning 
  1. Action Blocked 
  1. Instagram Shadowban 
  1. Account Disabling 

In no order, instagram can hand out penalties ranging from a warning to getting your account banned.

Risks of using the follow unfollow instagram method  

When using the follow unfollow instagram method, there are risks that you need to watch out for to succeed with this method. One significant risk is getting banned for using the follow unfollow instagram method.  

You are at risk of being penalized. You need to read instagrams policies for follow/unfollow limits. If you exceed these limits you will be at risk of being shadow banned. If you continue to exceed your limit after your first ban, you may be banned for good.

Knowing the risk, you should take the time out to actually understand how to use this method and not get penalized. 

With risk comes rewards, when using the follow unfollow instagram method, you can gain hundreds and even thousands of followers when done right. You give your page a chance to be able to gain followers fast when you are starting off. This can be good when you build out a theme page, brand page or even a personal page.

Alternatives to using the follow unfollow instagram method

Ten Tips to grow your Instagram account without instagram follow unfollow instagram method  

Hashtags – 

hashtags are a great way to get exposure to your post or videos. I like to treat hashtags just like keywords. Target high-quality hashtags that users are actually looking at. 

Using unique high quality content – 

using one of a kind content will make you stand out. Content is king and should be of high quality. If your running a bussinss, this will allow you to build authority in your niche and bet out your competition with branding. 

Join Engagement groups- 

engagement groups are a great way to boost your engagement on your Instagram page. You will be in different groups where you will join other users with a set time to like and comment on the most recent post. 

Engage with followers – 

engage with your followers to show that you care about their wants and needs. Create polls and surveys to get data to learn more about your followers and what can grow your brand. 

Create bios to capture attention – Create your bio for anyone who is thinking of if they want to follow you or not. Keep it simple tell the world who you are and what you do. Put a link in your bio for further information rendering your brand. 

Post often to stay updated with the algorithm – post often on reels, stories and posts. Document your daily routines and brand products. Give out great information, tips, and how-to’s posts to keep your followers excited about your profile.

Paid shoutouts – connect with accounts on which you would like to get a shout-outs. For example, negotiate a prices for a post or a story. This is a great way to get in front of a large following. 

Giveaways and discounts – giveaway products and rewards to your followers. The power behind the scenes is where you tell your followers to tag you and share posts in order to be entered into the giveaway and discounts that you will be offering 

Create links to all platforms – send your followers to your links that you will have in your bio. Products, blogs, services, YouTube, Twitter and many more.  

Paid ads – paid Instagram ads are a fast and quick way to boost a post to users interested in your brand. With the proper budgets, you can get in front of large amounts of users fast. 

My experience with the follow unfollow Instagram method 

The follow unfollow instagram method is a great way to gain followers and get your page’s engagement quickly. My experience has had its ups and downs with this process. With this method, I had the chance to build up the marketing your hustles Instagram first couple of hundred followers. It is an easy method; you will gain followers without using bots and gaining fake followers. This is what some users will experience when they buy followers. This is the best alternative in this case. You will have real followers, and it’s up to you to create high quality to keep them engaged. Taking the proper precautions will give you an advantage of success with this method. I had to put in a lot of effort with this method to build out a following of 1,000 followers. I realized it was worth the effort once I saw all the engagement I was getting and the satisfaction of getting those followers. Image getting your Instagram popping with tons of engagement and followers. To grow your page to start out you need all the exposure that you can have competing with others.

I documented everything on a simple, easy-to-follow course that you can check out. In this course, I will go in-depth with building out your Instagram account for any kind of page. Guiding you using this method from start to end. Remember that Instagram will ban you if you do this method wrong. Cut out all the tricky parts and get straight to the process. the marketing your hustles Instagram course.  


My conclusion on the follow unfollow instagram method. 2023 I’ve noticed that this method is best for starting a new Instagram account or existing account with under 1,000 followers and having very little money on marketing and promoting. The follow unfollow Instagram method must be done correctly to ensure the safety of your account. Getting your first couple hundred followers is easier when doing this day after day. Mixing this method with all the other alternative ways to grow your following will increase your Instagram account through the roof. In order to do that it will take time and commitment. I rate the follow unfollow Instagram method a 4 out of 5 stars. 

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